Saturday, June 16

The nerd cute

One question before we start. Does anyone know what the geeky, strictly non-gay equivalent of "cute" should be? Well I don't, but it would sure come in handy right now. Here's why.

Just yesterday I received a package from my good long-time friend Lex Mortis from the Netherlands. He was getting rid of hardware from his old PC and was kind enough to send me some of the items, since sadly they turned out to be slightly better than the stuff I have. (Yes, I know, I desperately need an upgrade. I'm holding out till DX10 is a must though.) So anyway, the hardware--a Radeon 9800 (or 9600; opinions differ, hehe) video card, a SoundBlaster Live! 5.1 sound card and a BenQ DVD burner--came with little stickers I wasn't expecting. Here they are.

(click to embiggen)

the sound card

the video card

the DVD burner

Well this made me chuckle, so thanks, man! Also, I've realized how absolutely hermetic nerdy humor is. Anyone brave enough to analize this and explain to a lay person why exactly it's supposed to be funny? I'll pass.


Lex said...

You're welcome mate! :)

Hope it all serves you well.
And while I'm the guy who sent the hardware and thus wrote the little stickers, I won't give it a shot to explain them in layman terms.

Anonymous said...

Lex is not funny.

Anonymous said...

no he is not funny at all